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Project LILCA - Little Care

From May 2021 we start our start-up project in the incubation program All for INNovators, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme for 2014-2020.

In the area of new medical technologies, experts from Concordia Design and Lab150 will support the LILCA-Little Care project in terms of content, practice and infrastructure, providing access to machinery park, prototyping facilities and other specialist infrastructure. They will also assist us in creating an effective strategy for bringing an innovative product to market.

Project funding: 218,000 PLN

Project duration: 24 months

Why was the LILCA project created?

Conscious care of infants is important to ensure the correct motor development of the baby.

An early assessment of an infant, already in the first weeks of life, by a paediatric physiotherapist would allow a diagnosis of possible disorders, such as position asymmetry or muscle tension disorders. A professional diagnosis is an opportunity to implement quickly the appropriate therapy.

Pillows designed by us will be a professional help for parents in everyday care for the correct position of the baby’s body, which will reduce possible problems in the further development of the baby.

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Our mission

The mission of the LILCA – Little Care project is to:

  • build awareness among parents about the correct motor development of infants,
  • create an innovative product – two ergonomic pillows supporting the positioning of the baby’s body.

The product will help parents with placing their infants in the healthiest positions and will support the development of correct functional movement patterns in the first months of life.

The project assumes the realisation of 6 main objectives:


Introduce the User-centered design – design focused on the user and his needs


Design ergonomic shape of pillows to maintain baby’s body in healthy positions


Realise a series of pillow prototypes using CNC technology


Test final products using BTS movement analysis system 


Create a new brand


Launch the innovation on the national and European market

Ergonomic pillows

We aim to create professional and certified pillows for infants to support their healthy body alignment and correct leg positions.

The pillows will be dedicated to parents of infants from 0 to 3 months of age, and to paediatric physiotherapists and orthopaedists who will be able to use them during therapy.

The pillows can be used

  • in all infants preventively to take care of their correct body alignment and build healthy functional movement patterns,
  • in infants diagnosed with muscular tone disorders, postural asymmetry, hip dysplasia, spina bifida.

The primary purpose of the pillows will be:


Supporting appropriate body posture and development of correct movement patterns

noun_baby care_3349270 copia

Facilitating change of position of the baby, positioning and lifting the baby from the lying position


Assist in maintaining optimal hip-joint alignment and foot abduction


Facilitating safe and healthy positioning of babies on their backs and sides

Project support

Are you a parent of a baby between 0 and 3 months of age?
Would you like to help us develop an innovative product?

We would be grateful if you would complete the following questionnaire on the measurement of your baby. The survey is anonymous.

The collected information will allow us to design the right size and shape of pillows.


The LILCA project is based on a passion for physiotherapy and parental experience. We are creating the product as parents, which we needed in the first months of our baby’s life.

Łamignat fizjoterapia komora hiperbaryczna Poznań Przemysław Jeziorski

MPT Przemysław Jeziorski

Manual therapist

"I have been passionate about physiotherapy for several years and the LILCA project is a dream come true. It is my inspiration to create a unique product that helps parents take care of their babies at the beginning of their lives."

PhD M.Sc. Arch. Julia Ratajczak-Jeziorska

Parametric design
Research, development and innovation management

"My passion is design and creating innovation. I am also a mum every day. I look forward to using my experience in this project to create a new product for babies"

Our experts

Bogna Mikołajczak

Physiotherapist and certified child therapist

MPT Martyna Jóźwiak

Paediatric physiotherapist

M.Eng Krzysztof Mizera

Technology and product implementation
CEO of Bear-Lock

Łamignat fizjoterapia komora hiperbaryczna Poznań Przemysław Jeziorski

MPT Marcin Turowski

Physiotherapist and manual therapist

University of Technology in Poznań

Institute of Applied Mechanics

MPT Magdalena Wrombel

Paediatric physiotherapist


Do you have any questions?

Do you want to find out more about our project?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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