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The duration of each visit is 45 minutes with possibility of extension for the benefit of the clients.
Full Physiotherapy visit with ultrasound examination, manual therapy and shockwave/laser therapy130 PLN
Percutaneous Electrolysis Therapy EPTE ® with Ultrasound Exam. + Laser HIL BTL150 PLN
Trauma / disease therapy + shockwave / HIL laser treatment eg. Back injuries / Sports Injuries / Manual Therapy / Orthopedic Postoperative Rehabilitation100 PLN
Neurological rehabilitation + shockwave / HIL laser treatment
The applied therapy according to the PNF concept, including:
  • ischemic stroke,
  • multiple sclerosis (MS),
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,
  • brain and cranial trauma
  • spinal cord injuries
  • polyneuropathy
100 PLN
Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Disease Interview, developing an individual treatment plan
  • Exercises conducted and controlled by a therapist
  • Programming long-term rehabilitation

100 PLN
Classic massage of a designated body part, e.g. back100 PLN
Deep massage with the therapy of trigger points100 PLN
Sports massage100 PLN
Kinesiology tapingIncluded in price
Physiotherapeutic treatment
BTL Impact Wave(single treatment) 80 PLN
High frequency BTL laser(single treatment) 80 PLN
Sports massage100 PLN
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