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About me

mgr Przemysław Jeziorski

A physiotherapist, holder of  a diploma in manual therapy, master’ s degree in Physiotherapy acquired at Ludwik Rydygier Collegium Medicum, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Bydgoszcz.

Developed his skills and professional experience while working at the Rehabilitation Department and Clinic of the Wiktor Dega Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Hospital, Karol Marcinkowski Poznan University of Medical Sciences, as well as while conducting classes for foreign students.

Awarded as the lecturer of the year during Poznań University of Medical Sciences Graduation Ceremony 2014.

Completed many courses in physiotherapy and manual therapy, including PNF, Cyriax, McKenzie, Ackermann, Mulligan Concept, Dry Needling etc.

Since May 2016 has cooperated with the Institute of Applied Mechanics, Poznan University of Technology, where the research in physiotherapy methods, work ergonomics and motor organ disorders is performed.

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About me

Competence and courses

  • Medical massage specialist – sport and health massage Poznań 2008
  • Deep tissue massage Wroclaw 2013
  • Kinesiology taping Wroclaw 2012
  • PNF level I and II neurological rehabilitation Wroclaw 2012
  • Ackermann soft chiropractic and osteopathy manual therapy Warsaw 2014
  • Mulligan Concept A nad B – functional manual therapy Wroclaw 2014
  • Manual therapy and diagnostic course part I and II Poznan 2014
  • Ultrasonography examination and sonofeedback course Warsaw 2014
  • FDM – fascial distortion model – myofascial techniques Poznan 2014
  • Cyriax manual therapy 4 parts Bydgoszcz 2013-2014
  • McKenzie therapy Bydgoszcz 4 parts 2013-2014
  • Dry Needling – trigger point therapy Poznan 2017
  • Percutaneous Electrolysis Therapy EPTE Poznań 2017
Fizjoterapeuta Przemysław Jeziorski
Fizjoterapia Poznań Przemysław Jeziorski
About Me

Practical skills and physio treatment

  • manual therapy
  • rehabilitation of spinal column (lower back pain, neck pain etc.)
  • orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Spinal disk herniation (slipped disk), Sciatica, radiculopathy;
  • neurological rehabilitation (stroke, polineuropathy, spinal cord injury etc.)
  • Sport rehabilitation: acl/pcl reconstruction, twisted joints,
  • rehabilitation after fractures, sprain, dislocation
  • massage: sport, deep tissue massage, healthy
  • kinesiology taping
  • Norwegian nostrification
  • languages that I do speek: english, german, norwegian and polish



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