Łamignat Physiotherapy Przemysław Jeziorski


Jolanta oraz Henryk Machajewscy
Mr. Przemek in his activity is extremely professional. We have been using his treatments for several weeks. He helped me to eliminate the problem of heel spurs. In contrast, my wife in an extremely effective way neutralized pain in the leg resulting from an ischemic stroke. He has an extremely ...
Mateusz Tomczak
I have accumulated several nasty injuries from practicing strength sports, which have hindered my normal functioning for some time. In addition to professional ad hoc treatment, Przemek recommended preventive actions for me. Thanks to this, I feel a significant improvement not only in well-being but also in fitness. Everything in ...
In the full sense of the word, a professional constantly deepening his knowledge. I am after stroke with left-sided paresis. Przemek Jeziorski has led me out of this state now I can normally do sports: a bicycle, horse riding, and above all I can work. A man with great empathy, ...
I definitely recommend Przemysław Jeziorski's services! From August to October my foot ached during running. The pain was located first in the area of ​​the ankle, and then he moved to the upper part of the midfoot. At first it was possible to run with it, but after some time, ...
I came with an arm injury that has been tormenting me for several months. Professional approach to the patient. During the visit Przemysław Jeziorski explained to me the causes of the pain, he described what are the methods of healing the injury and explained what the treatment of the injury ...
Lidia Nowak
I recommend Mr. Przemek with full responsibility. After yesterday's visit, I feel much better, it stopped hurting. I applied my shoulder pain, which had nagged me for a long time and was coming back. The diagnosis at the first visit was very accurate, and the shock wave procedure proved to ...
Kama Kin
An absolute revelation! Thanks to Przemysław Jeziorski, I got rid of bothersome back pain! I am his constant patient and my husband also. I recommend highly! Full professionalism, smile, punctuality and a nice atmosphere 🙂
Katarzyna Ewald
Przemek is the only physiotherapist who accurately assessed the condition in which I found myself less than a year ago. For almost 9 months I went to various rehabilitationists and probably the best osteopath in Poznan. Osteopath stated that my pains that radiate to my legs are related to stress ...
Łukasz Tarka
I heartily recommend Mr. Przemek's services, his professionalism, experience and positive approach to the patient, which makes even the most difficult treatments pleasant.
Łamignat Physiotherapy Przemysław Jeziorski

Why choose Łamignat?


Great experience in physiotherapy
and a manual therapy


High quality equipment for physical therapy:
USG Honda HS-2100  Fala uderzeniowa BTL  Laser HIL BTL


My references, 5 years working at the Rehabilitation Department and Clinic of the Wiktor Dega Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Hospital, Karol Marcinkowski Poznan University of Medical Sciences;


Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients

Qualification and knowledge


Physiotherapy is my passion


My patient’s opinion that you can find on

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Fizjoterapia Poznań Przemysław Jeziorski
About Me

Passion For Physiotherapy

mgr Przemysław Jeziorski

A physiotherapist, holder of a diploma in manual therapy, master’ s degree in Physiotherapy acquired at Ludwik Rydygier Collegium Medicum, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Bydgoszcz.

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